As one of New York’s most fabulous senior dogs, Lil Hobbs has built up quite a reputation.      

Kathryn adopted Lil Hobbs when he was about 7 years old, when he was living as a stray in the Bronx in New York. She tells Daily Paws that she immediately fell in love with the little Chihuahua-rat terrier-Pekingese—affectionately known as a "super mutt"—and it's easy to see why. After she'd adopted the senior dog, Kathryn initially started an Instagram account just for Lil Hobbs in an effort to spare her family from a flood of dog photos. But over time, he became quite the influencer himself!

Like all successful social mediates with the travel bug, Lil Hobbs and Kathryn recently took a cross country road trip to Kathryn's hometown of San Diego. She says that while he may have slept the majority of the way, he loves keeping his human company—both at home and on the road.

When he's not showing off his seriously adorable sweater style in New York, you can catch him tagging along with Kathryn in a cute bag or basket. Sometimes his followers even get the pleasure of seeing him sporting an adorable set of dog floaties during his swim adventures. No matter what he's doing, this precious senior pup is sure to be living life to the fullest.