Watch This Incredible Jumping Dog Scale Her Huge Backyard Fence Like It's Nothing in Amazing TikTok

Lexi's owner built a high, wooden, and seemingly secure privacy fence. LOL.

Lexi the Jumping Dog has made a mockery out of her owner's backyard privacy fence.

Just look at her account's recent TikTok, which has been viewed about 20 million times since it was posted last week. Her owner looks into the camera as, in the background, black-and-white pup Lexi takes a running leap at the wooden fence. Her paws hit the small ledge in the middle of the fence, and she quickly scrambles to the top to gaze out upon her neighborhood. It takes all of one second.

jumping dog scaling tall fence
Courtesy of lexithejumpingdog / TikTok

It matches perfectly with the audio from one of the best cold opens of The Office when three characters (poorly) attempt parkour. Unlike those goofballs, Lexi is a true athlete, no doubt a big fan of Bo Jackson. That fence is probably 6 feet tall or so, and she scales it like it's no big deal.

It's amazing enough that Lexi can hop up there, but it's downright funny that she seems to do it all the time. Her TikTok account is full of her just repeatedly scaling her yard's inadequate fencing. Perhaps the best of the bunch is her owner behind a clown-makeup filter, silently bemoaning the lack-of-privacy fence.

We're not really sure what else he can do, though. There are plenty of fencing options, and the wooden privacy fence is a secure option—most of the time. A higher fence? Gaudy. To her credit, Lexi doesn't seem interested in escaping. Balancing three legs on the top and observing will do just fine. That, and talking to the moon.

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