Little Paxton sure gets ready for bed exactly like a dog would. He looks like a shaved poodle to boot.

Rejoice! TikTok has blessed us with yet another adorable animal video—but it's not your average four-legged friend, even though he might act like one.

This video posted by Australian Tammyy White's Gucci Gang shows the cutest little baby lamb getting nice and cozy on his human parent's couch. As "Here Comes the Boy," plays in the background, the young lambie named Paxton perfectly mimics a dog's bedtime ritual—finding the perfect spot, curling up, and yawning before settling in for the evening.

The whole scene is so dog-like—Paxton could even pass for a shaved poodleWhite captioned the video, "How do I tell him he's not a dog? But seriously how cute is the yawn?"

The fans who've viewed the video a whopping 5 million times agree. One sharp commenter even asks, "So do sheep count dogs in their sleep?"

According to other videos posted on White's TikTok account, Little Paxton was born the first week of August. "Paxton was born a triplet and extremely tiny and rejected by his mother," White recently told Newsweek. He is a Border Leicester stud ram lamb (say that 10 times fast), and White says this breed is especially meaningful to her family as her late brother started the same line before his death. Paxton lives with White and her other pets on land along an Australian beach.

lamb laying in blankets at home like he's a dog
Credit: Courtesy of the_guccigang_ / TikTok

He's tiny now, but he might eventually weigh between 225 and 300 pounds. That's one wooly big sheep, so he may not be co-snuggling when he's all grown up. But we sure do like to imagine him acting like one of those very large dogs that still thinks they're small lap pups.