“TP or not TP?” is not even a question for Nutmeg.
dog unrolling extremely long toilet paper strand down the stairs
Credit: Courtesy of paprikapup / TikTok

Yellow Labrador retriever Nutmeg and her black Lab sibling Paprika entertain their nearly 49,000 TikTok followers with their regular antics, some of them more comically naughty than others.

But in a video posted last week, Nutmeg not only gave her TikTok fans something to savor, but she may have accidentally produced an effective toilet paper ad as well!

"What did you do?" asks the bemused man behind the camera, as we see Nutmeg, happily wrapped in a layer of TP. 

"Let's see," he adds with a chuckle as he begins to follow a truly impressive line of unbroken paper through the kitchen, up a flight of stairs, and around two corners all the way back to the roll, still attached to the spool.

Nutmeg is an adorable pupper, and the video—with nearly 34,000 views—is hilarious in itself. But the video's comments are all focused on the true star of this show: that toilet paper.

"Strongest TP ever," one says. With another adding that her children would like it: "They hate the type I buy."

Several people asked which brand the family uses, and dog mom Diana Marker wasn't going to be coy about the answer: Kirkland Signature from Costco.

Sounds like a ready-made sponsorship to me, Costco: durable yet gentle!