Kola's life-saving instincts translate to real life as well—especially when one of her humans jumps into water.
dog watching cartoon of falling cat he wants to rescue
Credit: Courtesy of jenntennn / TikTok

It's plain as day that this TikTok dog was born to save lives! Introducing Kola, a black Labrador retriever whose first instinct is to save anyone who appears to be in danger—whether on screen or in real life.

Her mom, Jen Tenczar (jenntennn), captured heroic Kola's first attempted rescue in a video she posted to TikTok on Aug. 4.

Kola is lounging on her family's cozy couch in front of a large-screen television. A video game called Stray is on the screen. The lifelike game features the adventures and high jinks of a stray orange cat, and it's mesmerized pets across the country who can't stop watching their humans' screens.

For Kola, watching the cat is equal parts enthralling and alarming. She studies the screen as the kitty jumps over a huge missing portion of a pipe suspended high above the trees. In true video game fashion, the courageous virtual kitty misses the landing and falls to the edge of a cliff below—clinging on for dear life.

Kola becomes more and more anxious watching the doomed fate of her furry feline friend. The stray cat can't hold on any longer and falls into the darkness. Kola dives toward the television to save her friend. You can almost hear Kola saying, "Nooo!"

So far, people have watched Kola's adorable concern more than 4.3 million times. And the fame hasn't dulled the worry for her video-game friend.

Luckily for sweet Kola's anxiety level, the stray doesn't take too long to resurface (thank you, unlimited video game lives) and the adventures begin all over again in a second popular TikTok video Tenczar posted. This time, Kola is much closer to the screen and quite alert, knowing she needs to keep a watchful eye on her kitty pal.

But soon we fast-forward to real life when Kola's life-saving instincts are tested yet again. Kola watches her human dive into a lake, leaving her solo on the dock.

Some dogs would enjoy the solitude but not Kola—her human has disappeared into the water. With some worried barks, she runs back to shore only to jump onto an inner tube. Her momentum allows Capt. Kola's raft to drift out toward her human—truly earning her Super Dog status.

The video—which has earned over 500,000 views—proves we truly don't deserve how much dogs love us. It's also evidence that Kola, who has since forgone her raft, would make a fabulous lifeguard.