Everyone knows the tub is too small! Everyone! But Thor loves the tub, so that's where he sits.
golden retriever steps into a plastic box full of water that is much to small for him
Credit: Courtesy of maggie_and_thor / TikTok

I truly aspire to reach the level of relaxation this Labrador retriever has achieved in a too-small tub of water.

The Lab is named Thor, and he just likes squeezing himself into a small, clear tub filled with water. He shares a TikTok account with his sister, Maggie, but lately he and his tiny tub have been the main characters.  

All he needs is water to fill up the container that seems to be about half as long as him. Then, he gets in, does a full circle, and sinks down, spilling water into the grass and stretching the sides of the plastic tub. Is it even a tub? Seems like we're more in box territory.

His "RUFFreshing" ritual, posted late last week, has earned more than 13.2 million views on TikTok. 

Ugh, what a liberated soul. Maybe after I move this weekend I'll make my own Thor Tub in my backyard. Somehow I don't think it will have the same effect.

The best part, to me at least, is that Thor has two other tubs available. They're bigger and have to be more comfortable, but he only has eyes for the small, clear tub he will most certainly break one day.

He loves it so much he'll even visit his tub after swimming in a nearby lake. Talk about loyalty.