What, you think you're going somewhere? Alone? Without me?

Most dog parents—I hope—don't look back fondly at their lives before they had a cute pup. But maybe there's an exception when it comes to leaving the house alone. Because when it's time to head to the car, there's likely going to be a furry obstacle in your way—every time. 

Take this chuckle-worthy dog video of Labrador retriever Magnus, who's also a therapy dog. A recent TikTok shows his owner trying his darndest to quietly, sneakily collect his keys and leave the house. He even looks both ways before removing the keys from the hook. 

dog at the front door with a leash in his mouth
Credit: Courtesy of magnusthetherapydog / TikTok

Of course, by the time he looks back to the door, there's Magnus, leash in mouth and wondering what fun trip his dad has planned. Is the video, which has been watched almost 250,000 times so far, staged? Sure. Is the sentiment utterly true? Big time. All the dog owners in the comments gave a resounding "YUP" while some compared it to when they open up a wrapper of some kind or even put on a jacket. 

It's hard to avoid this situation with perky-eared dogs. You can try distracting your dog with a toy or even some treats, but do you want to? Go ahead, grab that harness, and take your dog with you. Is there a better way to make errands more enjoyable? Plus, then you can explore the world of secret menus and eat some tasty treats together.

Otherwise, you're resigning yourself to a heap of guilt every time you skedaddle because dogs like Magnus—who's smart enough to help make dinner, hop onto counters, and deliver mail—are always going to catch you in the act.

If you can tolerate actual sad puppy-dog eyes, you'll be fine. Otherwise, it's time to see whether your workplace, doctor's office, and favorite stores are as dog-friendly as they should be.