Watch This Labrador Decide to Chase After His Mom's Car, Dragging His Poor Dad Along Behind

When you have a dog, any walk can turn into an impromptu jog at a moment's notice.

dog recognizes and runs after mom's car with dad in tow tiktok
Photo: Courtesy of kathrynjohnson93 / TikTok

There's not much you can do when your large dog decides he wants to go someplace—which is how this dog dad became a passenger on the Bailey Express.

We meet the yellow Labrador retriever in a TikTok posted by his owner, kathrynjohnson93, last week. The video, shot from inside a car, shows a man trying to keep up with Bailey, who's recognized his mom's car and is bolting after it.

Bailey has nearly pulled even with the car at the beginning of the 19-second video, but the vehicle then pulls away (no doubt to the husband's chagrin). But Bailey knows who's inside the car and continues his pursuit down the street, hauling his human along the way. Someone get this man a pair of rollerblades.

The car stops where hopefully Bailey gets to see his mom (and give his dad a rest).

"Poor husband didn't stand a chance," Johnson wrote in the video's description. "When Bailey wants to go somewhere, he goes."

More than 2 million people have watched Bailey's adorable chase so far, with several people in the comments commiserating about how their dog does the same thing. (Imagine trying to keep up with a Great Dane doing this. Gahh.) Anyhow, if you'd like some tips on more, uh, willing exercise with your dog, we've got you.

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