These sweet would-be working dogs didn't spend long looking for new homes: More than 800 people submitted adoption applications.
57 labrador puppies running around a Wales shelter dog play yard
Credit: Courtesy of Many Tears Animal Rescue

Dozens of Labrador retriever puppies are in for a career change!

The Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales was surprised by a whopping 57 Labrador puppies last week. Once destined for life as working dogs—the intelligent Labs were going to be trained to be drug or bomb-sniffing dogs—these puppies are now waiting to join families as pets.

And while being surrounded by 57 adorable Labrador puppies sounds like a dream ... it can also be quite chaotic!

In a video the animal rescue organization posted to Facebook, all the puppies enjoy burning off their energy by running around and doing what puppies do best: looking adorable, getting into trouble, and wagging their tails constantly. They sprint about their enclosure, pounce on each other, and dive headfirst into a container full of toys.

"If you love Labs, then you need to visit us because we've got so many," the woman recording the video says. "So many naughty Labs that like to carry everything, whether they should be or shouldn't be. One toy isn't enough; you've got to have the whole box."

As is extremely evident in the video, these puppies are active and agile, perfect for active families ready to take on a playful companion.

"They are busy, happy, and friendly dogs and any home needs to be a busy family. They are dogs that want to be doing something. They are bred for their brains, and they are very agile. They need someone who will throw balls, who will stimulate them," rescue owner Sylvia Van Atta told MyLondon. "They are not dogs who will be happy to just sit by the fire all the time."

Luckily for the puppies—and the shelter that's spending loads of time and money caring for them—plenty of love-struck dog lovers were up to the task. Three days after posting the adorable video, the agency updated its Facebook page to let the world know it had already received more than 800 adoption applications for the pups. (With about 14 applications per puppy, the adoption window is now closed.)

Safe to say good homes are in these puppies' futures—and judging from the video, plenty of exciting toys.