He's like a joyous, one-dog bell choir.
lab making music
Credit: Courtesy of chloemark23 / TikTok

Everyone loves playing with their favorite toys—and for this black Labrador retriever, that includes a collection of musical metal plates. 

We get to see his delightful playtime thanks to the TikTok account of chloemark23, his presumed owner who posted the sweet video last week. So far, it's earned more than 5.1 million views. 

Sitting on the middle of some pavement is a square of nine metal plates. When pressed, each plate emits a musical note. Boy, is our pal up to the challenge.  

He does not step onto the tiles, he starts with an initial leap before adding in several smaller jumps and some tippy-taps, sounding like a one-dog bell choir. At the urging of his owner, he leaps in a second time, but his tongue is out as he pants with joy, likely too tired to keep conducting.  

Anyway, let this serve as a reminder to take your pup to the park every so often. Look how fun it can be!