Who needs a full yard when you can pile on top of each other in a huge heap?
pile of sleeping puppies
Credit: Courtesy of karsonsdoodles / TikTok

Thanks to the adorable world of TikTok animal videos, we now, finally, know exactly how many puppies constitute a puppy pile. In fact, this delightful Labradoodle stack teeters on the edge of achieving mountain status—with a total of 16 cuddly cuties all snugged up!

Posted to TikTok on Feb. 21 by Karson's Doodles, the two litters are seen in one colossal canine heap. The "oodles of doodles," as one commenter described them, have an entire yard to nap in, but they decided co-sleeping in one bed is a better way to spend their morning nap time.

In the video, viewers can hear a male voice saying, "That is the definition of a puppy pile." As he pans to their play area in the yard, revealing one rebel opting out for some more space, then back to the heap of dogs who have barely moved. "I think there are puppies down in there," he says, referring to the middle of the mound.

The two litters include F1 Labradoodles (half poodle; half Labrador retriever pups) and F1b 'doodles (75 percent poodle; 25 percent Labrador).

In fact, it's hard to tell where one doodle ends, and one begins. Except about halfway through the 56-second video—which has earned more than 3 million views—one dashing doodle moves to the other side of the stack. He manages to successfully wedge himself in between two littermates and on top of at least three or four.

The pups seem so content in their Land of Nod—only two have their eyes open—but how? Why? According to Scientific American, when animals get cold they curl up close to other animals to reduce heat loss. Not to mention, they gain heat through conduction from their fellow four-legged-friends.

And then there's that calming feeling of safety and security—all of which make puppies prime candidates for side-by-side sleeping. Thank you, puppies, for being so darn cute. I think it's safe to speak for all of us animal lovers out there: Puppy piles will never ever get old.