Need an excuse to avoid work ahead of the holiday? Bury your computer under some kittens.
pile of kittens tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of pearlsragdolls / TikTok

It's the week before Christmas, so some people—definitely not me—will use just about any excuse to take it easy at work. A pile of kittens napping on a laptop, for instance, fits the bill perfectly. 

That's what pearlsragdolls on TikTok was dealing with earlier this week. She went to pick her computer up off the floor, but five white kittens—ragdolls I assume—are snuggled on top of it.   

"I'm sorry to have to tell you guys this, but I actually need that laptop, so you guys are going to have to get up and move," she tells them. "Do you mind moving over, please?" 

The kittens have no interest. The laptop is probably warm, and they all mostly fit, so I can't say I blame them. 

And I think their owner has done everything she can. She asked them to move and they didn't; what else is she supposed to do? No work today, see ya in 2023. The adorable video has earned more than 1.4 million views so far, and you can find many other kitten puddles on the same account. Highly recommend.