Toshka understood the assignment.
a cat is walking up the stairs playing red light/ green light with the owner
Credit: Courtesy of sayanamusic / TikTok

This adorable kitten doesn't need to use any of his nine lives to win "Squid Game." Equipped with mad hunting skills, Toshka got a glimpse of his human's TV screen and knew he couldn't lose.

If you're not one of the 111 million viewers of the hit Netflix series "Squid Game," here are the rules: contestants must play childhood games with a deadly twist. Win them all and the piggybank of 45.6 billion won (the equivalent of 38.7 million dollars) is yours.

Toshka thought they said 45.6 billion cat treats and was on the prowl to win the game's Red Light, Green Light challenge. The viral TikTok, which has garnered almost 17 million views so far, shows Toshka's mom Sayana turning the camera around and around, mimicking the creepy robotic doll from the show's first episode. Slinking up the stairs, the video captures the kitten freezing perfectly each time the chilling "Squid Game" tune stops.

While I know no cats will face impending doom in this game of Red Light, Green Light, I can't help but be at the edge of my seat.

"Can we all agree that my kitten would crush 'Squid Game'," Toshka's human @sayanamusic shared on TikTok. Fans of the video agree and are ready to cheer Toshka on in game two—honeycomb.

The video has fans realizing that their own cats could be "Squid Game" superstars. "It's their natural hunting instinct to not move when being watched by their prey," a TikTok user commented on the video. "My cat does the same thing with me! We played like that before I even knew about Squid Game," says another user.

It's true, cats are hardwired to be stealthy, slinky, and to lurk about. While a harmless game of Red Light, Green Light is a fun way to perfect their skills (maybe without the super creepy music), your feisty feline will also love interactive toys that they can stalk and hunt.

So, what do you think Toshka will buy with his 45.6 billion won? A lifetime supply of feather wands? A truckload of catnip? The options are endless, but whatever he does, fans on TikTok will be eagerly tuning in.