Hold my calls, cancel my plans.
kitten in wonder as she experiences a sun beam for the first time
Credit: Courtesy of fostersxyz / TikTok

Every one of us has a short list of those "firsts" in life that we'll always remember. First time on a plane, maybe. Or our first day of school, or the first time we kissed our high-school crush. Well now, thanks to TikTok, we get to watch this kitten add "first time figuring out where all this light is coming from" to the list.

The video, posted by TikTok user fostersxyz in April, shows a very small tabby kitten checking out the shaft of light left on the floor by sunlight. The caption "kitten experiences a sunbeam for the first time" just about sums up everything you need to know.

For my money, this is the kind of thing TikTok was made for. Thirteen seconds long, absolutely adorable, and something you don't mind watching on repeat 40 or 50 times in a row because it's a very tiny baby animal and those are the best.

While the fickle winds of social media fortune see fit to give reposted versions of the video millions of views on various aggregation accounts, Fostersxyz's original video has less than 3,000 so far, so I'm putting it here to give the OG a little extra love.

Aside from being impossibly cute, the video also opens up the question: What is the kitten actually reacting to? While cats don't see colors in the visible spectrum the same way we do, there is some evidence to suggest they see blue-violet and yellow-green wavelengths of light, and their eyes are also finely attuned to movement and detail. This means that, while he may never enjoy a rainbow like we do, the kitten in the video is probably picking up on the little motes of dust illuminated by the bright sunbeam and giving them swats with his teeny-tiny paw.

Either that or it's ghosts.