If you want to hear the sound of unfiltered happiness, this has to be it.

What can beat that high-energy, tail-wagging welcome from your pupperoo? Those sweet doggo yelps, followed by all the kisses, jumps, and over-the-top excitement all because you simply walked through the front door—even if you were only gone for a few minutes!

But, here's where us humans have a lot to learn from our furry friends. They truly know how to roll out the welcome mat. And this dog is the ulti-mutt example.

Meet Kilo: a shepsky—a German shepherd and Siberian husky hybrid—who didn't realize her owner returned home in the early morning hours. TikTok user Jalen Milligan (jamilligan15) posted this video Dec. 31 of Kilo's ecstatic welcome. And be sure to turn up the volume on this for the full effect.

Kilo is seen bounding from Milligan's bedroom door—all in two giant doggy leaps! The caption reads, "I got home in the middle of the night and my dog didn't know until morning." Over Kilo's doggy cries and yelps, you can hear Milligan laughingly saying between snuggles, "Hi … Merry Christmas … Hello …" The short viral video ends with another Kilo bound from the door to the bed. The closing caption reads: "My dog was so hyped she didn't know what to do."

Clearly this viral video struck a chord with animal lovers everywhere and notched over 13.6 million views. One inquiring fan wondered how on Earth Milligan was able to sneak past her dog in the wee hours. Milligan's response: "Purchase loud fan. Place near doggo bed. Maximum stealth achieved. You may applaud now." We're impressed.

We generally don't encourage sneaking past your pups, but if that means more adorable doggy TikTok reunions, then we can't wait! Thank you Kilo and Milligan for providing us with an Internet dose of doggy delight!

And if you want to do a deeper dive in to Kilo's joyous life, then be sure to check out her attempts at singing and hitting the gym. She can do just about anything.