The woman's house had lifted off the ground during the EF-4 tornado when she lost her pup, Nola.

A Kentucky woman who'd lost her dog Nola when an EF-4 tornado ripped through her town of Mayfield was out looking for the dog when she asked a Dutch news crew if they had seen the missing pup.

The journalists hadn't, but as they talked and wandered around the destroyed neighborhood, the reporter noticed a dog in a yard, leading to the on-camera reunion of Nola and her overjoyed human—some happiness and relief in the midst of overwhelming devastation. 

You can watch the reunion unfold in a video posted Dec. 12 on the Facebook page of NOS, a news broadcaster in the Netherlands. The news crew had arrived in Mayfield, located in southwestern Kentucky, after an EF-4 tornado tore through the small city Dec. 10. 

The storm left immense destruction in its wake and traveled for more than 160 miles, according to the National Weather Service. It left at least 77 people dead. 

Closeup of a black and white dog with a green background
Credit: Naephoto / Getty

In Mayfield, the woman told the reporter, whom the Daily Mail identifies as Lucas Waagmeester, that she lost Nola when the tornado lifted their house into the air.  

"The power went out. The house started shaking. We were lifted up—that's when we lost the dog," she told Waagmeester. "When we finally landed, we were surrounded by gas lines and power lines." 

The house had landed about 20 feet from where it originally sat, she added. (The winds from EF-4 tornadoes will gust from 166–200 mph.) The NOS video then shows how some of Mayfield residents are surviving the aftermath—boiling water over what looks like a makeshift grill—when Waagmeester says, "There's a dog there."  

The woman immediately yelled Nola's name and ran into the yard until she finally got to squat down and give her dog a much-needed hug.  

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she told her pooch. "I love you so much!"

Here's hoping they get to enjoy a little holiday cheer together.