These spunky pups are two peas in a pod.

Josie often accompanies her human Kira to work and loved playing with the other dogs there—so Kira knew that she'd make the perfect big sister when the time came to add another dog to their family. When 2020 rolled around and the family was spending more time at home, Josie received a best friend and 'lil sister in a tiny pup named Willa. From the moment they met, they were besties—even snoozing and snuggling on the car ride home together when Willa was first adopted.

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Kira says that Josie's always been the chill one of the dynamic duo, while Willa earned herself the apropos nickname of "Wacky Willa." This long-eared gal is always happy, energetic, and ready to play. Willa even developed her own signature move during playtime with Josie: the sneak attack, where she prowls and pounces on the older pooch when it's time to have some fun. It's clear that Willa absolutely adores Josie, keeping an eye on big sis while she enjoys one of her frequent naps around the house. The two love snuggling up together in their dog bed and chasing each other around the dining room table. Whether they're comforting Kira and her boyfriend Cassidy with some snuggles, or running around and playing together, this inseparable pair is always ready to bring joy to anyone's day!