Home security cameras are the gift that keep on giving for dog lovers.
dog caught misbehaving tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of arlo_the_iggy / TikTok

Naughty dogs are a way of life: If you have a dog, that dog is going to get into a little harmless trouble and the best you can do is laugh.

Arlo the Iggy has supplied us with a hilarious reminder of this truth, courtesy of a video posted June 2 to TikTok.

The video, taken from an indoor security camera, shows Italian greyhound Arlo very much taking advantage of his owners being gone. Digging furiously at his dog bed, Arlo is oblivious to all else in the world. Nothing else exists, there is only The Bed and The Bed's Innards, which must become The Bed's Outtards, post haste.

Watching on the camera, Arlo's dad allows the carnage to continue for a few seconds, before calling his name through the camera's built-in microphone. And that is when we are treated to the greatest face in the history of dog faces.

Pixar could not have done it any better than that reaction. The wide, stunned eyes; the fluff jutting out of his mouth; that floppy upside down ear. I want a screenshot of Arlo's stunned, deer in headlights reaction to being caught in the act printed out and hung in The Louvre. The Mona Lisa is a simple doodle next to this dog's face.

For a brief moment, Arlo seems to be taking the path of "if I stand still, he can't see me" while his doggy brain processes where the sound came from. Finally, he reaches the conclusion that the only acceptable recourse is to run, and he makes for the hills—which are played by the back couch cushions in this film.

It's 19 seconds of perfection. Arlo is a work of art. He's a gift from above. The video has currently been viewed 3.7 million times and that somehow still feels like a criminally low number. Now look, was Arlo a bit naughty for destroying his dog bed? Yes. Nobody is arguing that point. Is it the only naughty thing he's done? Clearly no. But was it worth it? The answer to that is also a resounding yes. Yes it was.