Actually, Birdie had set up an impromptu fire drill. Good dog.
dog that pulled a fire alarm poses with a sign attached that apologizes for the fire department
Credit: Courtesy of dogwoodslodge / Instagram

An Iowa golden retriever got so excited at the prospect of daycare playtime that she accidentally called the local fire department last week.

Extremely energetic Birdie, 2, had arrived at Dogwoods Lodge Friday in Grimes and was waiting to enter the play area when she started to excitedly jump up and down. That's when she triggered the fire alarm. 

According to the Des Moines Register, Birdie, who plays nonstop on Fridays, was on her way to Dogwoods' "crazy room," which is where the lively pups play. She is not a candidate for the "lazy room." 

While I would love to argue that sweet Birdie was framed, the security camera evidence, provided to news station KCCI, is pretty damning:  

"Just a false alarm, it happens sometimes," Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire Department firefighter Nick Pearson told the Register. "We are happy to go there and see dogs once in a while, so it's OK." 

See? Birdie was actually providing a service to the firefighters, not causing problems. But she still must've felt bad, so Dogwoods posted an Instagram photo of her wearing an apology sign that reads, "I'm sorry I pulled the fire alarm today." To be fair, she does look very sorry about it. 

But I don't think Birdie has anything to apologize for. She gave the firefighters practice responding to a call before brightening their day. Plus, she made it clear Dogwoods needs covers for their fire alarms, and the staff has ordered them.   

That's problem-solving with a fire drill. Birdie is welcome to come do a safety inspection at our office anytime.