There is only one thing, apparently, that will persuade Archer to leave the dog park. (It rhymes with "beats.")
husky standing in dog park
Credit: Courtesy of siberianderpskies / TikTok

All this poor dog dad wants to do is go home after almost two hours at the dog park. But Archer the Siberian husky is simply not done yet.

Archer's owner and his other husky, Leia, are near the parking lot ready to leave, as you can see in their now-viral TikTok. Our buddy Archer, whose owner calls him a "con artist," is far off in the distance, not at all interested in getting in the car.

What follows comes straight from the Daily Paws guide: Five Stages of Getting a Husky into the Car

Stage 1: Standard Request. At the beginning of the video, Archer's dad calls out to him. Rather than return to his owner, the husky jogs off in the other direction, interested in another dog. Perhaps some selective hearing is at work.

Stage 2: Fake Goodbye. Archer's owner goes for the fake-out, telling Archer he's leaving and mentioning to Leia, "We're leaving your brother. The dog park has him now." Leia, a very good girl, is ready to go home while Archer risks banishment "for insubordination."

Stage 3: Resentment. Leia is in the car. Archer is still among his dog park friends, having a great time by the looks of it. "A good husky who listens," the owner says with the camera on Leia. "Archer," he adds as he pans over to his still-free dog.

Stage 4: OK, This Is Actually Annoying. Our dog dad has ventured back into the park to retrieve Archer, who seems set on making his human walk all the way out there. His owner calls again, and Archer instead begins to walk in the opposite direction, prompting a "Are you serious?" (Maybe they need to brush up on learning how to come when called?)

Stage 5: Bribery. Treats work, folks. That's how Archer's dad finally got his smug dog into the car. Leia also received treats because she listened much, much better than her brother.

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We all love our dogs, but everyone knows they can be a little, uh, ambivalent to our needs sometimes. Archer's owner even replied to a comment on the video, "This is classic Archer—he knew exactly what I wanted from him, he just didn't care." The video, posted on Archer's and Leia's account (siberianderpskies), has earned more than 3.2 million views since it was posted Monday. And for the record, Archer seemed very well-behaved—once he was finally in the car.