Sig the husky loves his bathtub so much that the request to leave it prompts a pretty scary death stare.
Husky laying in the tub and won't get out
Credit: Courtesy of annacarolwilliams / TikTok

I don't like accusing anyone of being dramatic but Sig the Siberian husky might be acting a little dramatic when his mom asks him to get out of the bathtub. 

His mom, Anna Carol Williams, posted the video of his absolute, point-blank refusal to vacate the tub back on Jan. 26. She first tells him to get out, to which he gives a couple small woofs before burying his head out of sight—a very "can't hear you!" move.

Sig's ignoring transforms into pleading yips that then turn into a slightly scary death stare. He holds it for several seconds, promoting a "whoa" from his owner. Leaving the bathtub is simply not an option. So far, the video has earned more than 22.1 million views.

Why is he so set on remaining there? Because he loves the tub, Williams says in a TikTok posted Tuesday. He's loved it since he was a little puppy. He's there every time she takes a bath, and he'll even stand beneath the running shower. What a good, clean boy! This must make bath time so much easier.  

"I do not know why, but he is happy, as you can see," Williams says in the video. "He's just always loved the tub." 

When he's not hanging out in the bathtub, Sig will swim in his family's pool and spend some valuable time with his toddler sister. Wait, why didn't I write about that adorable relationship? Well, shoot.