It's just about spot on. No notes!
two huskies together, one is making sounds similar to a laugh
Credit: Courtesy of flola_thehuskies / TikTok

It's Monday, so we all need a laugh. This very specific laugh, actually.

It (first) comes from the owner of Lola and Fang, a pair of Siberian huskies with their own TikTok account. This particular video comes from Dec. 1, where you hear a chuckle come from their owner.

The human gives a low "ha ha ha" before one of the huskies, we think Lola, responds with her own, more dog-ish version. It's just about spot on.

It's quite funny, and in the two and a half months it's been online, the video has earned more than 20.6 million views. So what caused this laugh mimicking? In a follow-up post of the entire original video, it looks like Lola and Fang may have caused a little bit of a mess in their living area, so their owner turned her camera on and had a chat with them.

When they're not mocking their mom's laugh, these two are enjoying some singing and playtime at the local green space.