Guess we know why he likes Zootopia so much.
husky howling as the wolves in the Zootopia movie howl tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of zeusthehuskyy1 / TikTok

Zootopia is a fabulous movie, in part because it accurately depicts some of the animals' behavior—and we have the proof. (Or at least I like to think we do.)

Our pal Zeus the Siberian husky is watching the movie in a video posted to his TikTok account on Aug. 27. On screen is one of the best scenes in the film. The two protagonists—a rabbit police officer and a sly fox—are trying to sneak into a building guarded by anthropomorphic wolves.

The rabbit—Judy Hopps—decides to howl to distract the wolves. One of the wolves, Gary, can't help it and starts to howl, too. Then all the wolf guards throw their heads up for a nice, deep "Awoooo!" It's lovely.

Zeus can't help it either. As the scene plays out on the screen, he's gotta join in. He lets a small one rip right after Gary's initial howl and then joins the rest of the Zootopia pack with a deep, rolling howl. Adorable.

Zeus watching his favorite movie has earned more than 15.7 million views so far, but his behavior isn't too surprising. Dogs often howl to communicate with other canines, letting them know they're nearby. Plus, any husky owner will tell you their pups, as descendants of wolves, love to let loose.