Watch This Husky Drown in a Sea of Wiggly, Golden Puppy Butts

What we wouldn't give to be that husky.

group of golden retriever puppies literally dog piling on husky
Photo: Courtesy of haley_key / TikTok

This viral video is a true "dogpile" in every sense of the word. And nothing's cuter than Elliegh, a Siberian husky, and her entourage of golden retriever nieces and nephews entangled in a tail-wagging mound of affection.

Posted Feb. 3, the TikTok video from user haley_key has attracted an impressive 1 million views and hundreds of comments with most fans sharing the same sentiment: "I want to be that husky!"

Who wouldn't want to be at the bottom of this adorable golden puppy pile? The short eight-second clip is impossible not to watch on repeat, trust me! It truly delivers smile-inducing cuteness and feels like a warm hug.

"Our husky loved her golden nieces and nephews and they loved their auntie Elleigh," the caption reads. Elleigh rolls back-and-forth on her back with four paws in the air as nine goldens cover her with kisses—all while wiggling their tails at roughly the speed of light.

It seems Elleigh and her nieces and nephews had a smooth introduction and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. Plus, experts say dogs are social creatures and wired to live in groups.

But it's still important to make introductions strategically to ensure everyone gets along. A few things to keep in mind: Introduce dogs on neutral ground and pack plenty of tasty treats to reinforce positive behavior.

We hope to see more interactions between Elleigh and her precious family pupsters! Together they display husky's and golden retriever's most wonderful breed qualities: outgoing personality, friendliness, playfulness, and made-for-video antics.

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