In this situation, we can definitely make room for dessert.
Honeybell, the orange tabby cat, sits on the counter next to a heart-shaped cake with strawberries wearing a chef's hat
Credit: Courtesy of princesshoneybelle / Instagram

We all know cats love to loaf and knead, but this adorable 2-year-old orange tabby cat actually brings those skills into the kitchen! Princess Honeybelle, who's usually called Honey for short, shows her followers how to bake delicious desserts alongside her human on her Instagram, @princesshoneybelle.

Honey's adoption came at an unfortunately sad time for her owner, Nicole Wade. In 2019, Wade's newly adopted kitten named Maple passed away from panleukopenia just six days after she joined Wade's family.

"We were heartbroken. When we went to the shelter to pick up her memorial paw prints, we saw they had a few kittens for adoption. We fell in love with Honey and took her home that day," Wade tells Daily Paws. "In honor of Maple, we gave her a name that was just as sweet."

Honey's involvement in the kitchen started soon after she was adopted. When the cat was 6 months old, she jumped onto Wade's shoulders as she was baking. "She was very interested in everything and loved hanging out on the counter and inspecting all the ingredients," Wade says.

The first video showcasing Honey's talents in the kitchen was shared later that year when she helped bake a picture-perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Now, she shares recipes every week, covering all the desserts you could need, from mini blueberry pies to peanut butter cookies to berry ice cream.

"I try to come up with recipes that are a bit different from the usual, and I'm often inspired by the seasons or retro dishes," Wade says.

In each of Honey's recipe videos, the sous-chef wears a tiny, cat-sized chef's hat and an oversized bow as she helps her human measure, mix, and decorate the treats. While many cats don't enjoy wearing accessories, Wade says Honey was trained through positive reinforcement when she was a kitten and loves the attention she gets during photoshoots.

And like any good cook, Honey always remembers to take a bite of the cat-safe ingredients like plain yogurt. Just watch her paws in action as she makes this tiered strawberry heart-shaped cake: 

The best part of Honey's recipe videos—besides her adorable appearance, of course—is that Wade, who is a self-taught baker, includes all the ingredients and detailed step-by-step instructions in the captions so you and your feline sous-chef can recreate the dessert yourself. 

And for the cat-loving bakers who prefer to read recipes in print, Wade tells Daily Paws she and Honey are working on their first cookbook, which they hope to release this year.

Most of Honey's recipes are meant for humans and shouldn't be shared with your cat. Some ingredients, like plain yogurt, blueberries and strawberries are safe for cats but should only be given as treats in moderation. 

If you're looking for a homemade cat treat recipe so your kitty can enjoy her own cake with you, this Salmon Sweet Potato Cat Birthday Cake is easy to make and completely safe for cats. Happy baking!