As long as you've microchipped your pets, there's always hope they can find their way home.
dog's joyful reunion with family
Credit: Courtesy of Greenville County Animal Care

There are very few constants in this world but, as this heartwarming dog video shows, microchip your pets is absolutely one of those constants.

Today's story takes us to Greenville, S.C., and Greenville County Pet Care, where a happy doggo named Piper reunited with her family earlier this month after being missing for three years. In the video posted to Greenville County Pet Care's Facebook page, Piper—who I'm going to go out on a limb and ID as a Catahoula leopard dog or some mix therein—is overjoyed to see her long-lost human companions, the Seay family.

There is clearly a lot of emotion in the room, as Piper bounds happily between Mr. and Mrs. Seay, wagging her tail with excitement as she's showered with three years' worth of pets.

"We don't know where she has been or what she's been up to for the last 3 years," the post read, "but we know, without a doubt, she is home with her family where she belongs."

When reached by phone, folks at the shelter simply encouraged readers to get their pets microchipped and make sure that the information attached to the chips is current and correct.

Microchipping is a fast, easy, and extremely reliable way to ensure your dog or cat finds their way back to you if they ever get out of the yard or wander off on their own. If you haven't gotten your pets microchipped yet, hopefully stories like this will help convince you to give your vet a call. And to the Seay family, the good folks at Greenville County Pet Care, and especially to Piper, all we can say is congratulations.