Post breakup soundtracks mend even the furriest of hearts. 
golden retriever with collar on howls at sky
Credit: Nevena1987 / Getty

Healing from heartbreak can be rough or in this case ruff!  A particularly grief-stricken golden retriever let out some breakup blues—her owner catching it on camera. TikTok user @roobytuesdays recently posted a video of her four-legged-friend howling to the popular "Drivers License" pop ballad by Olivia Rodrigo.

The song, released back in January, was an instant sensation breaking Spotify records for the most single-day streams four days after it was released, according to this article, "The next day, it broke that record again." And, after ten weeks at number one in the U.S., it has been streamed 1.9 billion times. Talk about note-worthy!

With that many listens, it's no surprise this pupper had so many chances to practice hitting those high notes. And that's exactly what she does throughout a montage of scenes where our golden girl sings along to the chorus. In the captions, her owner writes that she sings the same verse in the song each time it plays. 

The song's lyrics tell the story of young love—one that's been widely speculated on by fans since its release. Clearly our furry friends are not immune to relationship drama.  

The TikTok video ends with the pup's parent wondering, "Who hurt her?" If only dogs could talk! We have a feeling one would say that heartache is absolutely paw-ful. (Agreed.) We'd love to lend a snuggle-sesh to our little crooner in distress, and offer this sage breakup advice to help her get through those feelings: It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

But don't feel too sorry for the singing golden—those pipes caught the attention of Rodrigo herself, who commented on the video "SOMEBODY QUICK PUT HIM IN THE REMIX." That's something to bark about!