He’s not just any house elf—he’s an adorable Chihuahua-rat terrier mix who loves sunbathing and snuggling!

Named for his large, magical ears, Dobby is a Chihuahua-rat terrier mixed breed pooch who was adopted from Hearts & Bones Rescue by his paw-rents Dave and Deb. They say that while sometimes this Harry Potter-inspired "magical mutt" has bursts of energy running around the house, for the most part, he spends most of his day finding a warm spot to snuggle up in for a snooze.

While his main passion might be sunbathing, recently this little guy and his family moved to a bigger house in New Jersey from their Brooklyn apartment. So when he's not snoozin' in the sunshine, he takes advantage of all the space and smells in his new backyard. It's a big change from working out his zoomies back and forth in the apartment hallway, and one Dobby seems to really love.

When he's not hanging out in his new yard or snacking on treats in his crate, Dobby is a perfect sidekick during all his humans' adventures. "He's such a lovebug," Deb tells Daily Paws. "He just really grounds me and keeps me in the moment, and I love that he gets us outside multiple times a day... He's such a helpful partner in mindfulness." And a cute one, at that!