When a doggo wants to play, work can wait.
handyman playing with dog
Credit: Courtesy of bossykennelsmaui / TikTok

Being a handyman seems like it would be a challenging job. You have to be a jack-of-all-trades, you never know what the next day will bring, and you're always working in other people's houses. But on the upside, sometimes those people's houses contain happy dogs.

The handymen in this video appear to be installing some flooring. Or, at least, that's what the one in the orange shirt is supposed to be doing. That was before he met Maui. Maui is a stocky, happy pit bull who is in the mood to play. And I don't care how good you are at your job or how much you enjoy it, when a happy dog wants to play, it's pretty much impossible to focus on anything else.

"It's always a plus to see what's happening in my house when I'm not there," the caption on the security-camera video reads. Judging by the video's 4.5 million views in the four days since it was published, it's a sentiment we all share.

As the video starts, we see Maui and the handyman doing a little dance, wobbling back and forth together while Maui wags his tail like he's trying to achieve liftoff. About halfway through the 15-second video, the dance party switches to a spirited game of tug of war over a stuffed bone. After a brief struggle, the handyman—who is also using his mouth—succeeds in wresting the bone from the pitty's jaws, raising his arms in triumph.

I honestly don't know which part I love the most: the dance party, the handyman's thrill of victory at the end of the video, or that the second handyman is diligently working on the floor the whole time.

No matter which part of the video is your favorite, we can all agree Maui is a delight and the world needs more videos of happy dogs and easily distracted handymen.