Meet Hammy and Olivia: The Talking Corgi TikTok Stars Giving Everyone a Reason to Smile

For some, their videos give a good laugh. But for others, their content has made all the difference.

On the surface, corgi siblings Hammy and Olivia may just seem like the sweetest talking loaves of bread you've ever seen. Yep, you read that right. The doggie duo is famous for their TikTok skits where comically adorable voiceovers allow them to speak beyond a simple bark. But to some of their over 4 million followers, their comedic relief is more than just a laugh.

Their doggie dad, Chris Equales, first started producing content in March 2020 during quarantine. Like many of us, he and his fiancé Sarah were stuck at home with way too much free time and in search of a creative outlet.

So, he started talking for (or rather with) his dogs Hammy and Olivia in offbeat skits, complete with cartoonish sound effects, playful camera work, and of course, plenty of costumes. Together, the paw-some pair get into many misadventures, and TikTok can't get enough of it.

"It was absolutely amazing to us to see how widely accepted it was from the TikTok community," Equales tells Daily Paws.

While many of us just get a good laugh, for some, Hammy and Olivia mean much, much more. Equales has received comments and messages from children's families while they're in the hospital, saying it's truly brightened their day. Equales shares that he's even heard from a 911 operator, who says she sends Hammy and Olivia videos to those who call in and may be contemplating suicide in hopes of sharing a smile with them when they need it most.

"We put our heart and soul into every video that we do, and it's just to make sure you can smile for 15 seconds at a time and we can be that escape," Equales says. "That's something that's going to fill our hearts."

Hammy and Olivia are stars on camera, but there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Equales utilizes plenty of treats and positive reinforcement to get the duo to sit, stay, and most importantly, speak.

"They're very treat-motivated, so it doesn't hurt that they also associate [filming] with treat time and being able to get a good snack," Equales says. "They absolutely love doing this, and we absolutely love doing this as a family."

They've churned out over 400 videos since last year, but we suspect there are plenty more treats (and content for us) on Hammy and Olivia's horizon.

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