Usually we refer to corgis as "walking loaves of bread," but Hammy and Olivia seem to have a different food group in mind.
corgi dressed like a bottle of Ketchup
Credit: Courtesy of hammyandolivia / TikTok

The famous "talking corgis" Hammy and Olivia have taken the internet by storm with their super adorable video series. Thanks to their doggie dad Chris, the trio has been putting together hilarious video skits for over a year—each parody attracting a bigger fan base, now totaling over 3.8 million TikTok followers and 65 million likes. Bravo to these megastar pups!

From battling the torturous vacuum cleaner to pulling pranks on each other, the cute corgi dogs often don colorful costumes to provide a constant stream of entertainment. Like this one, caption reading: "Do you see a potato or a tomato?"

In the video Hammy is seen laying on a carpeted floor, his cute miniature legs tucked underneath his little body. The first clip shows Hammy announcing that he's a potato ("I'm a potato!") before quickly cutting to Chris looking concerned. He questions whether Hammy may have been confused, and wonders if the little loaf lookalike may have actually meant to say that he's a tomato.

Our fluffy talking dog is quick to respond, and viewers see Hammy again in the same position on the floor. But the pooch has had a hilarious outfit change, and is now wearing a ketchup costume. He confirms to his dad that he did indeed mean to say that he was a tater. "Potato? I said I was a potato."

Silly as it is cute, the viral TikTok video has more than 1.3 million likes and 8,000 comments. I guess you can say that fans are going mutts about this comedy routine. And we're not sure what's cuter—dog dad Chris, who's rocking a "My Dog for President" t-shirt as he stares at Hammy with concern, or Hammy's precious voice back to his dad assuring him that YES, he is in fact a potato!

Hammy and Olivia's popular YouTube channel describes the cuties as "two talking corgis just trying to live our best lives!" and we couldn't agree more. The antics these two get into are internet gold, and we can't wait to see what they get into next.