Whoops! Watch This Sweet Guide Dog Trainee Accidentally Topple Over a BBC Weather Presenter

Flash the Labrador puppy was really interested in something off camera, prompting her to accidentally pull down the BBC's Carol Kirkwood.

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Sweet cutie Flash, a puppy guide dog trainee, was enjoying her debut on the BBC earlier this week when she became distracted and felled the weather presenter holding onto her like a tree. Thankfully, everyone is OK and forgiven, giving us all the opportunity to have a nice chuckle.

BBC Breakfast was speaking to Carol Kirkwood, who was reporting from a garden in Chelsea, London. That's where Guide Dogs, an English organization that trains guide dogs and helps people with impaired sight, had created a 90th anniversary garden.

Kirkwood was there reporting, talking with the anchors back in the studio with Flash by her side, and remarking how well behaved the young Labrador retriever had become. Soon, Flash starts pulling on the leash, and Kirkwood tells her colleagues that Flash seems to be interested in the cameraman. Uh-oh.

Well, that's when Flash decides to go investigate something off screen, first pulling Kirkwood onto all fours before seemingly pulling hard enough that all we can see are Kirkwood's legs and shoes as she lays on her stomach.

"Someone save Carol," one of the anchors says as laughter erupts in the studio. Thankfully, Kirkwood was OK.

"She's a very strong girl, Flash," she said after getting up off the ground. The dog had reunited with her trainer on the other side of the camera.

It's certainly a cute, charming video:

Kirkwood soon after forgave her sweet friend Flash after falling "head over heels" for her.

We have to agree with Kirkwood, Flash is certainly "absolutely adorable" and we're sure she'll make an excellent, loving guide dog.

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