Who are we to tell him he's not comfortable?
big dog tries to fit into a little pet bed tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of kernelthegreat / TikTok

You gotta love the belief from Kernel the Great Dane. Like he just got a pep talk from Ted Lasso.

Here he is, in a TikTok from last month, trying his darndest to make himself comfortable in a dog bed—if you even want to call it that—about one-fifth his size. (Great Danes are famously large, weighing up to 175 pounds.)   

Well, he did his best. Kernel (kernelthegreat on TikTok) used his gargantuan paws to knead the small pillow to his liking before circling it and burying the little red bed under his belly. 

Kernel's nice try earned him more than 445,000 views on the video app. 

The lesson? You can always make the best of a poor situation. Or you can consult your friendly pets website who can guide you to the correct, bigger dog beds.