This TikTok shows exactly how to throw a birthday party for a pack of golden retrievers.
Golden Retrievers jumping into a pool with tennis balls
Credit: Courtesy of camillegriffith / TikTok

Here are the keys to throwing a fabulous golden retriever birthday party: a swimming pool and many, many tennis balls.

The result: Three hours of water-loving goldens launching themselves into the pool in search of the fuzzy spheres. At least, that's what happened at the birthday party for Camille Griffith's golden, Hudson.

On her own TikTok account last week, Griffith shows how she prepared. She bought two boxes of tennis balls—200 in all—and dumped them into the pool. The plan was simple yet ingenious, and I can think of no better way to make sure your dog has fun while also completely tiring him out.

I mean look at them:

I think my favorite is the golden at the 14-second mark who leaps into the pool in slow motion, perhaps giving us a glimpse into his future dock-diving career. So far, the cool pool party video has earned 6.6 million views.

Along with all the pool fun, the attendees—who were mostly 1-year-old Hudson's siblings—enjoyed a dog charcuterie (bark-uterie) board and some dog-friendly cake. Dog beer was about the only thing missing, but those pups are probably all underage.

If this has enticed you to throw a similar party for your aquahound, be sure to follow Griffith's lead. In a follow-up video, she explains how she ordered the tennis balls from a used tennis ball website and planned to send them back so they could be reused again.

So don't just buy a bunch of brand-new Wilsons to dump in your pool. might be your environmentally friendly answer.