These adorable golden retriever siblings can sleep anywhere with anything in their mouths.
golden retriever falls asleep at the window sill
Credit: Courtesy of tobythecuddlingretriever / Tiktok

Meet Toby and Duke—an adorable pair of sibling golden retrievers who have an uncanny ability to fall asleep just about anywhere. From the shallow tread of a stair to hanging halfway on, halfway off a couch, the adorable and dog-tired duo have become quite the TikTok sensation for their creative sleep spots.

Posted on March 4 on Toby's TikTok account (tobythecuddlingretriever), the 13-second video starts with the goldens snoozing on a comfy blue couch. Well, one and a half of them. One of the lookalike pups appears to have fallen asleep mid-ascension, front paws resting on the seat of the couch while the remainder of his body is well planted on the floor.

Adding some humor, the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie plays in the background with this caption: "Weird position my dogs have fallen asleep in…"

As the rest of the hilarious and heartwarming video plays, a total of seven surprising doggy sleep settings are showcased throughout the montage, proving Toby and Duke can sleep anywhere.

They surely have their favorite snooze spots, but we couldn't resist ranking our own favorites:

The Good: 'Biting a Toy' and 'Working Neighborhood Watch'

Both are such tough and tiring jobs for a doggo and they don't seem too concerned about sleeping on the job. Confident pups—I like it!

The Great: 'In Bat Mode' and 'On Top of My Big Brother'

Both show off the pups' goofy sides, and those puppy cuddles have my heart!

The Very Funny: 'Trying to Get on the Couch' and 'Trying to Get off the Couch'

Both are equally as cute and bizarre—because it really wouldn't take that much more effort to get completely on or off, which is what makes these positions so doggone funny.

The Hilarious: 'Going up the Stairs'

This ranks as my favorite because it's the most surprising and downright delightful. This pup is all tucked in on the third stair—and it's as if the first two stairs were so tiresome to climb that he decided to rest on the third.

It's no surprise this sweet video has amassed a jaw-dropping 2.7 million views! Fans can't wait to see what silly sleep positions are in these pup's future, but for now we'll just let these sleeping dogs lie.