Presenting Hollywood's new golden couple ... literally.

They don't call it puppy love for nothing! Meet Aubrey, a super smitten golden retriever whose doggo eyes are set on the handsome boy next door—er, downstairs.

According to Aubrey's TikTok profile, this is a case of balcony love at first sight. The dogs are separated by only a few stories in their apartment building—Aubrey's balcony overlooks her love interest Bruno (another beautiful golden retriever). And lucky for us we get to watch their story unfold from the beginning.

golden retrievers becoming friends
Credit: Courtesy of pawbrey / TikTok

This video, posted Sept. 18, has amassed quite the following with over 6.2 million views. Turns out people are into the four-legged version of a Shakespearean romance and who can blame them?

The heart-tugging video starts with Aubrey gazing out of her apartment window, followed by a balcony shot of her view to Bruno (who's looking up at Aubrey with adoring big brown eyes). The video includes a text overlay that reads: "I think my golden retriever is going through a Romeo and Juliet romance." It's followed by the caption, "Should they meet?"

The consensus: an overwhelming heck yes! Luckily, fans got what they wanted—just a few days later, Aubrey's account posted part two to the delight of one and all. Some folks even demanded regular updates and others suggested a wedding—calling it 101 Golden Retrievers instead of 101 Dalmatians!

Delivering all the feels, the second video begins with Aubrey practically pulling her owner into the elevator and down to meet her new friend. After a short elevator ride and quick walk around the building, the pair finally meet.

The paws-down best part is when both dogs jump up to greet each other in unison, followed by never ending tail wags and Taylor Swift's "Love Story" playing in the background. It's too sweet!

"The meeting went well, and they absolutely loved each other!" Aubrey's owner tells Daily Paws. Her owner even teased a Lady and the Tramp-style first date that will soon make it onto TikTok. (It's gotta be the spaghetti scene, right!?)

We can't wait to see what happens after this doggy meet-cute. We're keeping our fingers (and paws) crossed for a happily ever after.