They're 4 days old! They should be able to play by now!
golden wants to play fetch with newborn puppies tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of eloisesmith_ / TikTok

Golden retrievers, including the one near my feet at the moment, pretty much always want to play—and that includes the moms who recently gave birth to a litter. 

Four days after she gave birth to her collection of furry nuggets, Mila stars in a TikTok posted by Eloise Smith earlier this week. In the 11-second video, the new mom walks over to her puppies with an offering: her disc toy. 

"I don't think they want to play, Mila," the voice behind the camera says. "They're just not quite big enough yet." Ugh.

With that, Mila drops her Frisbee-type toy into the whelping box, seemingly disappointed at her teensy offspring not being ready to play immediately. As one commenter notes, why would she even give birth to these things if they won't even play with her? 

More than 11.5 million people have watched the video so far. Here's hoping she can play with her brother instead.