The perpetrator, a golden retriever, seemingly had no regrets.

Dogs should now deliver all local weather reports, and we shall accept no exceptions. 

Why? Behold: maybe the greatest 14 seconds of live television ever, featuring two Russian journalists, a dedicated camera operator, the arrival of a Moscow spring, and a golden retriever who thought, "You know what? I'm going to make everyone's day." 

The Daily Mail sets the stage. From the Mir TV studio, anchor Elina Dashkueva was speaking via video link with weather reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina, who was reporting from Moscow's Sparrow Hills. Serezhkina says it's warming up in the Russian capital, temperatures reaching the high 40s.  

Then hilarity strikes. Viewers see a golden noggin and snout jump up, push Serezhkina backward, and snatch the appetizing green-and-blue microphone from the reporter's grasp. The person behind the camera—a real team player in all of this—then pans right to show Serezhkina chasing after the running dog, saying, "Stop, stop, come here!" according to the Daily Mail.

(To which all dog owners muttered, "Been there.")

Back in the studio, Dashkueva somehow keeps a straight face through the whole thing and informs viewers that "the connection was lost."

According to the newspaper, Serezhkina was able to track down the runaway golden and reclaim her mic, which had a few more bite marks than it did before. When the studio came back to her, she was next to the thief—who, we must say, was looking enormously smug. 

Serezhkina finished her report by shaking the dog's paw. Apparently, it was excellent dog-walking weather. Cheers to the freakin' weekend.