Sonny was so happy his parents are getting married that he just couldn't contain his excitement.

We should all share our biggest moments with our dogs because they can make these special events even more memorable. That certainly includes marriage proposals like this one, featuring a golden retriever named Sonny who celebrated his parents' engagement the best way he knew how. 

The viral TikTok video shows Sonny and his parents—Madison and Jack—seemingly getting ready to take a cute photo on the beach back in August. Once Sonny is situated, Jack drops down to one knee and presents the ring. Madison, who posted the video, covers her mouth in happiness while Sonny excitedly digs a small hole and then runs toward the camera. 

man proposing to his girlfriend with their dog
Credit: Courtesy of bodybymadison / TikTok

That's right: this adorable little fella got a case of the zoomies. From the looks of it, Sonny got a peek of the ring and got so excited about his parents getting married that he simply had to commemorate the occasion by running around in the sand. He scoots, he shuffles, he does figure eights around their legs. The whole thing is supremely sweet. (Madison said yes, by the way.)   

"It was the most beautiful day of our lives," she says in a later video

Commenters on the proposal video even noticed that Sonny's route nearly formed the shape of a heart—or like a heart-infinity sign combination, which can only mean good things are to come for this trio. The proposal video, posted Dec. 3, has earned more than 12.6 million views so far. 

So will Sonny get to take part in the special day? Madison shared a follow-up vid saying she's considering having the golden retriever be a part of their wedding. Knowing how excited he gets, it might be a good idea to hire a pro to help look after the pooch on their Big Day, but there are several tips on how to include your dog in a wedding ceremony that can help them decide.

No matter if he walks down the aisle or just poses for photos, it's clear Sonny will bring the excitement to the party. Now all he needs is some pet wedding attire to help him fit the part!