Sometimes you just need some physical touch. And dogs are no different, especially the paw-holding this sweet golden retriever needs.
large yellow dog lying down on a leather sofa
Credit: Courtesy of emzieees / TikTok

Remember the famous 1969 Neal Diamond hit, "Sweet Caroline"? Sure you do. Well, there's one lyric that keeps coming to mind when watching this sweet golden retriever named Frank asking for a little doggy paw-loving: "Hands, touching hands. Reaching out, touching me, touching you…"

Frank's mom, TikTok user emzieees, posted the heartwarming video Feb. 7, showing sleepy Frank curled up on a large brown leather chair. The voiceover says, "My dog doesn't like to nap unless someone is holding is paw. So, he'll stare and do this until someone holds it."

Frank's mom asks, "Do you need love?" and the golden responds with an outstretched paw into the air. Yup, Frank indeed needs some love.

As Frank's mom inches closer, the handsome golden is visibly comforted. And once she reaches Frank, he gently places his paw on the arm rest, leaving it there for his mom to hold. There's no denying the therapeutic power in a mother's touch—she immediately takes his furry paw.

The whole scene is adorable. The 18-second video will leave you with a feeling of comfort—making it hard not to watch it again and again.

The video has logged more than 2.2 million views and close to 1,000 comments. Fan feedback includes: "His love language is physical touch," "Emotional support human," and "I volunteer as tribute to be the paw holder."

That sounds like a job for us!