I challenge you to find something cuter! (You can't.)

Meeting your baby for the first time has to be one of the best things in life, and thanks to the TikTok-famous dog tuckerbudzyn, we get to share in one parent's magical first moments with his newborn son. It's so cute and wholesome that we might simply pass out.

The TikTok posted on Aug. 17 shows Tucker, a golden retriever with 8.8 million followers, watching the front door in anticipation. The door opens and human dog mom, Courtney Budzyn, walks in carrying a young (and seriously adorable) golden puppy. Barely able to contain his excitement—he does a big slide on the slippery floor—proud papa Tucker runs to the door, jumping up to get a glimpse of his new snuggly looking son he named Todd.

As Budzyn lowers the basket to the floor, Tucker greets his son with more sniffs, several licks, and plenty of tail-waging. "This is your baby," Budzyn soothes in the background. Before the video ends, the two are seen playfully frolicking on the floor—the first romps of many, we're sure!

The video has earned a whopping 22.4 million views from Tucker's already-adoring fan base. Some commenters wrote that they were either crying or on the verge, not that we can blame them.

Luckily the fun doesn't end there. If you are anything like me, you'll want to know more about this heartwarming dog and dad duo. So, go ahead and apologize to your boss—sorry, not sorry!—for zero production today because you are about to enter the Tucker and Todd rabbit hole. Check out Tucker's big pregnancy announcement, the adorable process of picking a baby name, and the trials of trying to train a puppy:

Don't forget when you're thinking about introducing a new fluff ball to your family, it's important to make introductions strategically because every dog is different!