Videos of Finn meeting his new two puppy brothers will melt the coldest of hearts.

I wish I could be as excited about anything as this golden retriever is upon meeting his two new puppy brothers. 

We meet our friend Finn in a TikTok video posted Tuesday from the account thegoldenbros3. He's sitting at the front door of a house, excitedly watching as a man cradling a puppy approaches. He drops down to a knee on the other side of the glass door—an excellent way to introduce two dogs—so Finn can get a better look at his new brother.  

golden meeting new puppy for the first time
Credit: Courtesy of thegoldenbros3 / TikTok

The elation ramps up as the puppy—also a golden—enters the home. Finn circles the human with a wagging tail and even rises up on his hind legs to investigate his new brother. The man lowers the puppy down to Finn's level again, allowing them to sniff each other. Joyously satisfied he has a new friend, Finn retrieves a toy for them to share. Gah, it's too much. 

That video has so far earned a staggering 5.3 million views, but Finn was only just getting to know his new siblings. 

In a video posted Wednesday, our guy got to meet both his new golden puppy brothers—Sully and Gus, who I think met Finn in the first video. This video is shorter, but Finn is just as thrilled to see them both. Meanwhile, both the puppies exchange playful paws and nuzzles while they're still in human arms—perhaps remembering their earlier cuddle session.

The new trio seems to be doing great, and hopefully Finn can soon teach his baby brothers his best tricks.