Aubrey the golden was out and about with her family when they encountered a fellow with an almost identical dog.
golden retriever siblings meet
Credit: Courtesy of pawbrey / TikTok

Well this is certainly a fun coincidence. 

Aubrey the golden retriever and her family were out for a walk last week when they came across a man walking a golden who looks almost exactly like Aubrey. Weird, but there was soon an explanation, and thankfully it was posted to Aubrey's TikTok account.

Amazingly, the two goldens are related. The video shows the two pups happily greeting each other on the sidewalk, seemingly very familiar with each other.

"She looks exactly like her," a male voice, potentially Aubrey's owner's partner, says in the video.  

Aubrey's humans soon ask the man walking the other golden, Ahsoka, where he found her. Turns out, both dogs came from the same breeder and have the same father. Sisters! 

The brief TikTok, which has earned more than 4.2 million views, ends with the goldens happily enjoying some playtime. Let's hope they get to see each other regularly.