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Matt Damon side-by-side with look-alike dog
Credit: Courtesy of ab.larson / Tikok / Lionel Hahn / Getty

TikTok user Abby Larson has an odd burden to bear: explaining her dog's celebrity resemblance when not everyone agrees. 

Yup, her dog looks like Matt Damon. Or does it?

To be fair, the similarities aren't immediately apparent. Larson herself admits she didn't see it on her own, but someone pointed it out to her at the dog park on March 18. And once you get the pair side-by-side—as they are in the TikTok video that's earned 1.8 million views so far—it becomes a little more apparent.

I think it's mostly in the eyes. The young golden retriever—who TikTok has taken to calling Mutt Damon—and the 1998 MTV Movie Awards "Best Kiss" nominee share a certain thickness around the eyebrows and forehead that makes me do a double take.

We all have a celebrity doppelganger. I'm frequently told I look like Paul Giamatti, which, I'm not going to lie, isn't great. I mean, it's fine—Mr. Giamatti is a fine actor and by all accounts an upstanding human being—but he's never going to be known for his smoldering good looks. Unlike, in this case, People magazine's 2007 "Sexiest Man Alive" (aka Damon).

Are Damon and this golden a perfect match? Well, it's certainly no "Layla the goldendoodle" situation, I admit. And the folks at WGN certainly weren't convinced. (Mind the salty language below.)

But there are enough similarities in those two broad, happy faces that once you know what you're looking for, as Larson says in the original TikTok, it's hard to unsee.

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