Bandit doesn't care at all about his clean, golden fur.
golden retriever laying in a deep mud puddle
Credit: Courtesy of thecrazydoggirl / TikTok

This golden retriever TikTok is an apt metaphor for how I'm feeling about the long weekend ending. 

I'm Bandit the dog, the muddy water is the three-day weekend, and the person walking Bandit—Brianna Manuel—is the clock running out on the weekend…? Fine, maybe it's not an airtight comparison, but the TikTok is very funny. 

Manuel posted the video in question Aug. 19. It shows Bandit and another dog (possibly a Labrador retriever) soaking the muddy water while on a walk. Bandit has fully laid down in the mud, seemingly like it's the only way he wants to spend his time. 

"Oh my God, you two," Manuel says from behind the camera. 

The Lab eventually shakes it out and leaves the mud. Not Bandit, he puts his head back down in the mud and emits a big exhale, making the water ripple away from his snoot. Can't be bothered. He eventually lifts his noggin back up but doesn't abandon his mud palace. I hope he's still there, wallowing in the cooling filth.  

"Oh my God. What a turkey," Manuel says. "I can't believe he's doing that."

The delightful video has so far earned more than 6.4 million views—and it's not the first time Bandit has enjoyed a mud bath. It's apparently a "weekly thing."

That makes me happy. I'm glad Bandit got to relax and hope he had a great summer.