Watch As This Swimming Golden Retriever Delightfully Ignores His Owner's Pleas to Get Out of the Pool

Some days you've just gotta do you. Am I right?

golden retriever won't stop swimming and get out of the pool
Photo: Courtesy of nashandkaiko / TikTok

Despite his mother's best efforts, this swimming golden retriever was not giving up on a daytime doggy dip.

Golden retriever Kaiko, half of the golden duo nashandkaiko on TikTok, recently enjoyed a leisurely Sunday swim in a refreshing-looking saltwater pool. All was fine and dandy until his pup parent catches him in the act. He's totally busted—but does that matter?

"It's time to get out of the pool," Kaiko's mom says in the 59-second video. In excellent form, the golden continues his relaxed paddle as if he didn't hear her. "Kaiko, out of the pool now," his mom tells him. "Mommy told you not to go in. What are you doing?"

In full deception mode, the sneaky golden swims over to the stairs only to make a last-minute u-turn—gotcha!—back into the water. Kaiko, who must know Archer, just can't be bothered as his mom continues to urge him to get out. It looks like he's having a truly lovely swim.

This type of scene is all too familiar for us pet parents. Whether it's coming in from a walk or getting off a comfy couch, those puppy-dog eyes scream: "Do I have to?"

And, Kaiko, we hear you! This dogged golden continues to swim laps around the pool until the end of the video. The video, aptly captioned "Sunday shenanigans," has earned nearly 500,000 views so far.

The video ends with Kaiko still swimming, but his owner says he did "eventually" exit the water, certainly by his own choice and not his mom's.

This water-loving scene is not unusual for golden retrievers. The breed hunts waterfowl, so they already have a genetic disposition to swim. And doggy-paddling can be a great form of exercise—and experts suggest one hour a day of rigorous activity. Why not swimming?

So Kaiko has a good justification for his puppy plunge—and we agree. Wonder if your dog can paddle? Check out these tips and tricks for teaching your dog to swim, along with dos and don'ts in the pool. Then: Cannonball!

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