It's all fun hopping around until you land on the egg. Oops.
golden retriever curiously sniffing an egg
Credit: Courtesy of goldengoose7 / TikTok

This golden retriever playing with an egg ends (very) predictably, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the journey.

Goose—golden_goose7 on TikTok—recently turned 1 and will often "investigate" foods his human places in front of him on the floor: fruits, a pickle, and one of his treats. Earlier this week, his human presented him with an egg.

Exciting! Goose hops around the egg three times as he tries to figure out what the heck it is. Further along in the video, he gently nudges the egg with his nose and then his paw. Then it's three slightly more emphatic hops as he tries to solve this mystery.

Another nudge with his nose fails to reveal any secrets, and seconds later his left paw comes down on the egg, breaking it apart. That seems to worry young Goose. He adorably stops his hopping and smells the broken shell and yoke before looking up—somewhat guiltily—at his owner. Oops.

Goose's eggceptional video has earned more than 4.2 million views so far. And while it's as cute as it is funny, make sure you're careful with eggs before you try this with your dog. Like us, dogs can eat eggs, but raw eggs can be contaminated with bacteria. So you'll want to fry or scramble those eggs up before letting your dog eat them.

Here's hoping Goose's owner cooked the broken egg up for him—if only to ease the guilt he had for accidentally breaking it. Not your fault, buddy!