She's just doing her job. "Retriever" is right there in the name!
golden retriever gently places gooseling on edge of pond after retrieving him from the other side
Credit: Courtesy of thiccccboysonly / TikTok

Some things are just animal nature: Lions gonna hunt, birds gonna fly. And golden retrievers? Oh you know they're gonna retrieve. That brings us to today's TikTok of Violet, courtesy of user @thicccboysonly. She's a very good goldie who exhibits the two most important golden retriever traits: She loves everything and she's going to Bring You Stuff.

In this case, the stuff she's retrieving is a very confused baby goose, held in her mouth while Violet paddles her way through a pond, back to her incredulous human.

"Violet, are you for real right now?" asks the voice behind the camera, as the very wet, very sweet-faced Violet makes it clear that yes, she is very much for real right now and has a baby goose to prove it.

Once she reaches the edge of the pond, Violet places her big paws on the concrete edge as her human admonishes her to "drop the duck." Violet sweetly obliges, giving the baby a nose boop on the head for good measure, all while a (presumably) parent goose honks in the background. Satisfied with a job well done, Violet dips back into the pond and swims away as the video ends.

The adorable video of Violet being the best dog she can be has been viewed 5.1 million times on TikTok, with just over 650,000 likes and nearly 4,000 comments, most of which commend Violet on her good retrieving technique and soft mouth.

Golden retrievers, as their name suggests, were bred specifically to bring game—especially waterfowl—back to their people, and that "soft mouth" technique is important because it ensures that the dog's teeth don't cause damage to pelts or feathers hunters value. 

But fear not, goose lovers! As Violet's mom shows us in a follow-up video, the baby goose seems unharmed, if a bit bewildered:

Back on dry land, Violet approaches the baby from off camera, only to be turned away by her human with a "back up, huh uh."

Sorry, Violet. I guess not every baby animal can be your friend.