Watch Indy the Golden Retriever Give Marathon Runners the Sweetest 'High-Paws' of Encouragement

We might even take up running for the promise of goldens along our route.

golden retriever that gives high fives to marathon runners
Photo: Courtesy of allieandindy / TikTok

There you are, plodding along, one foot in front of the other. Your wicking shirt slick with sweat—evidence of each mile down, but still many more to go. You thought entering the Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge was the pinnacle of your fitness goals. Now, you feel it's more prudent to stop and watch everyone else glide by while you sit on the grass with a handful of bacon and a cold beer.

Suddenly, at mile 22, there's a beacon of hope. Whole-body wiggles from rapid tail wags, full-on wide doggie smiles, and a wave of happy paws. It's Indy, a friendly golden retriever with his adoring hooman, cheering from the sidelines, handing out a "high five for speedboost!" to any runner who needs just a little something extra to get them across the finish line. One tap of those empowering toe beans and you're ready to win!

Some runners sped by with a quick high paw, while others were perfectly content to come to a complete standstill for a quick pic or ear scritches. Of course, Indy, being the good Southern pup that she is, was happy to oblige. Take a look!

Um, we weren't in the race, yet watching Indy's paw full of joy for everyone adds to our motivation to make it through a dreary Monday. Few dogs are as naturally bubbly as goldens!

Indy is one-half of the Allie and Indy golden sister duo based in New Orleans, popular on both TikTok and Instagram. Their hooman shares many of their delightful exploits, from nurturing foster puppies (seriously, could there be a better job for such a sweet doggo?) to Indy's sneak attack on butter. (So far, the marathon video has earned nearly 600,000 views.)

Indy's curbside pep is proof that a good dog knows how to help you through all aspects of life. Heck, we might even take up running if there's a darling pooch available to offer encouraging woofs!

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