This protective golden retriever is certainly living up to being "Man's Best Friend," or in this case, "Baby's Best Bud."
dog watching over small child going down a slide
Credit: Courtesy of mostlyadorable / TikTok

This adorable golden retriever is certainly living up to his breed's family-friendly reputation (plus he may just have the best doggo name out there). Introducing a three-year-old golden named Taco—and his one-year-old human sister, Vanora.

The dynamic duo can be seen in a trending TikTok video posted July 11 by mostlyadorable. As the "Mission Impossible" theme song plays in the background, protective Taco is seen literally watching (and wagging) over his baby sister as she carefully climbs the stairs, heading up to a playground slide.

Once little Vanora ascends the final step, Taco turns around to the bottom of the slide to watch his baby come "weeing" down. Taco says, "I got you here," as he patiently and attentively waits to be reunited with his built-in bestie.

"Nurse Taco does it again, this time he is not nervous about the situation. He thinks he's got everything under control," captions the heartwarming video.

Luckily, there's plenty more where that came from—apparently, Taco's been playing brotherly protector ever since little Vanora came into this world!

The dog-baby duo's video has earned more than 5.6 million views so far (not surprisingly). Taco was a quick study, as he and Vanora are clearly well-adjusted companions thanks, in part, to their owners who have gone to great lengths to make sure their interactions are full of love! Well done, Taco. You are the gold in the golden retriever!